Crazy Busy!  – Luke 10

The busyness epidemic and working out what matters most.
Life pulls women in so many directions.  Why are we so busy? What makes us tick? What difference does knowing God make?
Finding refreshment in the one who says “come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.”
Based on Luke 10 Martha and Mary and finding the one thing that we all need.


The Good Life / A Dinner Party with Soul – Luke 15

This talk is framed as a three course ‘meal’ with lots of food references, for use at cooking demonstrations.
Entree: God designed taste buds and the enjoyment of food.
Main Course: We tend to enjoy the gifts but ignore the giver (Luke 15 Lost Son)
Dessert: when we turn back to God he throws a party – heaven as a banquet.


Contentment in a Material World – Luke 12

What is it that makes life rich and complete?
Do we make the same mistakes as this man…?
He believes his wealth will bring him security and happiness.
He lived as if God didn’t exist
We were made for so much more
Life is about being rich towards God, who has been so rich towards us.


Eat Pray Love –  John 4

A review and discussion of the book and movie.
We expect life to be full and satisfying yet we’re often left searching for real meaning.
Where do we look for God and how do we know which voice to listen to?
This talk takes a look at who Jesus is and how he offers life to the full and his promise to those who thirst for more.


Extraordinary! – Luke 2

Christmas is the extraordinary story of an  extraordinary God revealing himself to ordinary people in ordinary circumstances.


Christmas Unwrapped  – Matthew 2:1-12

The familiar story unwrapped…
Who was this baby? 3 vital Signposts:
The Magi – a King of International Significance
The Star –  King of Universal significance
The Promise – A Shepherd-King promised by God…who came to lay down his life for us.


Christmas Before and After –  John 3:16

Like any good story. the middle doesn’t make sense without the beginning and the end….
Did you realise that Christmas is actually the middle part of God’s bigger story?
Using the example of the Shrek Rescue scene we see that Christmas is part of God’s great rescue story.
We look at why we need rescuing at all, and why then Christmas is worth celebrating!


Reasons for Hope  – John 11

Sometimes life is overwhelming! Where do you go? Who do you turn to? Where do you look for ultimate hope? What do you do when your hopes are dashed?
In Jesus we find one who meets us in our pain and one who conquers death itself.
In Jesus we find reasons for real and lasting hope.
In this talk I tie the message in to Shaun and my personal experience of dealing with his chronic illness over the last 15 years.


Where is God in the midst of Global Poverty and Suffering? – struggling with the questions of evil, suffering and faith

Recognising the force of the question.
Is God good? Is God powerful?
An invitation to doubt and question…
The Human Will and Evil
God’s pledge to bring justice.
God’s character of mercy


Scandalous Forgiveness – Luke 7

A scandalous gatecrasher at a civilized dinner party and an unexpected response from Jesus…
Ever felt deep regret?
An unpayable debt – we’re all in the same boat.
Jesus turns it upside down – she was closer to God than Simon.
The scandal of forgiveness – how can he just forgive like that?


A Tale with a Twist – Luke 23

Like a movie plot with an unlikely twist, Easter is the most unexpected story of God’s great rescue mission.
The ‘King’ is rejected by all except the criminal dying beside him.
His acceptance is equally unexpected – a criminal on death row allowed into paradise with Jesus?
Reveals the heart of the gospel of grace and a clear understanding of what the cross achieved for us.


The Parent Heart of God / Coming Home – Luke 15

Like the son we have distanced ourselves from God – wanting the Father’s resources without the Father.
Turning back – what does it look like?
Coming Home – what kind of welcome will I get?
A great party, at a great price

Who really understands me? – Psalm 139

About the God who ‘knitted us together in our mother’s wombs and who knows and understands us best.


Feedback from a church member to her church…..
“What a great job last night. You and the team created an opportunity and an atmosphere conducive to positive response: the decorations, the food, the waiters, the musical items and the strong message. The whole event made an incredible impact on my friend. Last night was the perfect place for someone exploring the faith to connect with a church community and take it to the next level.  Wendy was inspirational and gave my friend books to read and the ladies from my home group had the chance to meet her and invite her along.  Thanks again for your efforts.”