Leading Investigative Groups

Investigative small groups such as Simply Christianity are a wonderful way to follow up from events, and help those who are curious come to grips with the gospel. Run over a few weeks and facilitated in the relaxed environment of home over good food & drink, allows time for unbelievers, seekers and new believers to intelligently investigate the person and work of Jesus and gives space for guests to air doubts and questions in a relaxed unthreatening environment. Wendy is available to train your people and get this up and running as a regular ministry in your church.

Towards Belief

Towards Belief is an effective tool for engaging non Christian audience, breaking down barriers to the gospel and creating diaglogue. It was created and produced by Olive Tree Media in response to research conducted in Australia in 2011 and is a series that tackles 10 big belief blockers for the average Australian. Find out more about Towards Belief on www.towardsbelief.org.au

Here is an interview Wendy did with Karl Faase about using Towards Belief