Lifting Your Gaze – Ephesians 4 talks

Ephesians 1 :  A Breathtaking Privilege
Ephesians 4: A Humbling Responsibility
Ephesians 5 : Unity in Relationships
Ephesians 6 : Stability in the Fight

Courageous! – 2 talks

Courage at the Core – Matthew 10
3 fearful scenarios
fearing God instead of man

Courage in the World – Acts 4
Basis for Courage
Courageous Prayer
Courageous Lives

Prayer for Healing – Mark 1

In order to understand healing today we need to understand the larger framework:
Where does healing fit into God’s unfolding plan of salvation?
Where does healing fit into Jesus’ ministry and teaching? Mark 1
Where does healing fit into the Apostles’ ministry and teaching? Acts 3. 2 Cor 4, 9
Praying for healing today.

Why Jesus is my BFF – Psalm 139

For teens:
He knows me better than anyone else
He is always with me
He is my light
He made me
My life is safe in his hands


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